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Ability to grow individuals through self-leadership and to grow a group through management leadership
Ability to adhere to rules and guidelines and to act rationally and act ethically
Responsibility and Innovation
Ability to propose progressive alternatives without fear of change and to handle business with responsibility
Communication and Cooperation
Ability to participate in cooperation and communication actively
Ability to reflect customers’ voice and develop work processes


Work Environment

•4 major national insurances (National pension, health insurance, employment insurance, industrial compensation insurance)

•Flexible working hours

(from 8-10 A.M. to 5-7 P.M.)

•Casual Attire

•Complimentary meals

(Complimentary lunch and dinner)

•Free snacks and drinks

Education Support

•Book purchase

Life Wellness

•Tuition reimbursement for children

•Annual present

(birthday / holiday)

•Tuition reimbursement for children

•Social club support


(Annual leave/Summer vacation)

•Family affairs support

(including marriage and funeral)

•Annual medical check-up

Performance Compensation

Compensation for unused vacation days


Severance pay



Infrastructure Operations

• Over 4-5 years of experience in infrastructure operations
• IDC environment and cloud operations 
• Understanding of security equipment including network, firewall and VPN 
• Server-based infrastructure establishment/operations
• Cloud infrastructure establishment/operations (Private/Public Cloud)

PostgreSQL DBA

Over 3 years of experience in DBA

Understanding of PostgresqlDB Infrastructure 

Has experience in DB design

ETL Developer

Over 3 years of experience in SQL/ETL developer 

Be able to improve query and develop SQL 

Has experience in data transforming & Migbetween heterogeneous DBMSs 

Be able to use and develop R, Python development language 

Has experience in statistics and data analysis 

DevOps Engineer

Has experience in developing Java

Has experience in Spring, Spring-boot and Tomcat 

Has experience in trouble-shooting 

Has experience in distributing services using Docker 

Has experience in managing code versions using Git 


UI/UX Graphic Designer

Over 3 years of experience as a designer

Has hands-on experience in web/application design

Be able to develop presentations and has communication skills

Proficiency in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, 

And Sketch (Mac)


Business and Service Planner

Minimum 3 years of experience as a business and service planner

Has hands-on experience in web/application planning 

Has experience in planning on hospital data and big data business 

Has experience in big data platform services 


Data Scientist

Over 1 year of experience in analyzing hospital data

• Be able to use and develop R, Python, SQL

• Understanding of Common Data Model (OMOP-CDM)

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